Website Makeover has had another makeover! I think the last time the website was updated was back in September 2012 in preparation for the release of Watch and Jill. Well, we’re sticking with the trend of remodeling when an exciting release is approaching, with A Book About a Film coming out sometime in 2015!

Take a stroll through the site and stay tuned for updates on A Book About a Film!

4th Book – coming in 2015

C. W. Schultz’s fourth book A Book About a Film is set to be released in late 2015. Marketing and press releases will be throughout the year.

An academic study on the cult classic The Cornfield People, A Book About a Film not only acts as a novelization of the movie but also dedicates a great amount of its content to the film’s hidden messages, reoccurring themes and haunting obscurity. Some have called The Cornfield People an incomplete film, while others believe it is a true lost film; however, many believe that the film is banned and have pointed out that sites which attempt to host images or clips from the movie have suspiciously removed the content even though there is no trace of The Cornfield People ever being copyrighted.

Paperback and Kindle editions will be available at the same time, but a hardback release is currently tentative. Due to the book’s unique page layout, paperback is the recommended edition and is expected to have a starting price of $16.99 (likely cheaper), with signed copies and giveaway opportunities within the first few months of release. For more information on giveaways and signed copies, please use the contact form.

For other questions or to discuss Schultz’s upcoming release, please feel free to post in the comment section below.

4th Book Ready for Copyediting


A Book About a Film is ready for copyediting. One step closer to being complete. Schultz’s fourth book had a few false starts beginning in April 2013, and a rough draft was not completed until July 2014, so this is some exciting news. How about hashtagging #ExtremelyFreakingExcited or #OneStepCloser or simply #ABookAboutAFilm?

Geekster on Movies

Background final copy

Geekster on Movies, a fun film blog of capsule reviews and prizes, mentions C. W. Schultz’s upcoming book, A Book About a Film.

Geekser on Movies‘ main blogger Randy has been doing thorough research on the same subject that Schultz is covering in A Book About a Film.

Geekster on Movies is the place to be if you like film, want to discuss it with other fans, maybe learn something new about your favorite flick, get a good laugh or two, and perhaps even win a prize. Check it out.