Spec Scripts

Currently, C. W. Schultz has three spec scripts available to be optioned.

The Fortune Tree

Jane Baker lives in terror. Her fear is not only the result of her abusive husband or her demanding mother-in-law, but also her dreams. In Jane’s sleep, a mysterious creature known as Blacktree controls the events taking place in her dreams, and these events end up occurring in reality the very next day. When Blacktree begins murdering in Jane’s dreams, she knows she has to take action. But these strange events become an ultimate curse when she has a dream of Blacktree murdering her.

Murder Masterpiece

Ceave Anderson is a writer and professor who has gained popularity for teaching a small art class that specializes in the creation and analysis of many different mediums. Upon returning to work from a sabbatical following a tragedy, students begin getting murdered. As the killer gets closer to Ceave, she realizes the motive is related to both her tragedy and her art class. Ceave must figure out the connection before it’s too late.

Aside from the slasher angle, Murder Masterpiece is the story of a woman forced to come to terms with a violence that she has kept at an intellectual distance through writing a book—touching on the distance and disconnection that so often exists between the real world and the world of academia.

No Place Like Home

Kristy Truman moves to a small secluded Pacific town known only for two things: a cedar forest and the old haunted Turner house. The massacre of the Turner family inside the house is the cause of legends involving ghost sightings and even hidden treasure. After Kristy discovers the house’s history, she begins experiencing some seemingly paranormal events. However, when all the cards are on the table and Kristy solves the real mystery of the old Turner house, she wishes her quarrel was only with ghosts.

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