The Late Sorry

The Late Sorry is an unreleased short horror film. It is directed by Paul Turcott and is based on a story written by C. W. Schultz (credited as C.W. Shultz). Both Turcott and Schultz are credited for writing the screenplay. It stars Philip W. Aurand and Matt Dy.

Filmed July 23–27, 2008, the film has been in post-production limbo. A rough cut of the film was shipped to Cannes, where it was rejected but was given a favorable response and a recommendation for a more appropriate festival. The rough cut was screened in 2009 along with several other short films made in the Seattle area, including a few that Schultz was a crew member on; particularly Rage of Angels, a short gangster movie that was filmed in late 2007 and released in 2009, which starred Aurand.

In January 2013, both Schultz and Turcott confirmed that the film is still being worked on. The delay in an official release is the result of financial setbacks that are expected to be sorted soon so post-production can continue as needed to complete the film. The film will use a lot of special effects, which is what the main focus is on right now. A image has been released, with director Turcott explaining:

FX still from The Late Sorry where Joel opens his bathroom door and the camera dolly’s out through the keyhole where you can see the tumblers turning and then out through the keyhole on the other side into the waiting room.

As of March 2014, the project is indefinitely on hold. Schultz obtained all footage of the film in October 2013, where he had planned to edit the film himself from scratch after his return from traveling abroad in February 2014. Unfortunately, after reviewing some of the footage, Schultz has concluded that his resources will be insufficient in achieving what Turcott and he had envisioned. Both Schultz and Turcott hope to complete another cut of the film to submit to festivals once they find a collaborator with the ability to assist in the project’s “proper realization”.

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Joel Steinberg (Dy) has a dark past that is masked by his love for his children and wife, making him appear like the model family man. But one afternoon his mistakes catch up with him when he goes to a therapy session at the office of the mysterious Dr. Zane (Aurand).


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