“Heads versus Tails” – A short story by C. W. Schultz

Click here to listen (and watch, kinda) C. W. Schultz’s short story, Heads versus Tails.

If genre assignment is required, this story would probably be fantasy. Not fantasy in the Tolkien/GRRM sense. For my attempt at that, please keep an eye out for my upcoming fifth book, Whispering of the Autumn Leaves.

The first draft of “Heads versus Tails” was written in Autumn 2019, when I was experimenting with taking a simple idea and letting it evolve without any interference. So, “Heads versus Tails” started out with the concept that chance and fate were as random as a coin toss, and I just let my imagination run wild from there. Perhaps the short stories of Jorge Luis Borges left a bigger impression on me than I realized… especially “The Lottery in Babylon“.

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