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“Finally did it. I created a Twitter account. When you finally use it is when you see what all the hype is about.”

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“THE LATE SORRY” Being Worked On

250238_10200692167450541_197117352_nSchultz has confirmed that The Late Sorry, a horror movie written by Schultz and filmed in July 2008, is still being worked on. Director Paul Turcott was nice enough to provide an image, explaining:

FX still from The Late Sorry where Joel opens his bathroom door and the camera dolly’s out through the keyhole where you can see the tumblers turning and then out through the keyhole on the other side into the waiting room.

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No_2_fanGoodreads is giving away a free autographed copy of C. W. Schultz’s latest novel Jill, along with an exclusive serial killer calling card.

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Schultz’s 3 Books @ Goodkindles

Jill Banner 660x100C. W. Schultz’s three novels are now at There you will find new and unique descriptions of Schultz’s novels Yeval, The Pack and Jill not found anywhere else. Those who have read the novel(s) may still find something intriguing, funny and/or interesting that they did not know before, not to mention the site has many great Kindle books for all readers to discover!

“JILL” Official Release Date!

At long last, an official release of Schultz’s third book Jill, a novel about a female serial killer, is in sight… or perhaps right in front of us. Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 is the date. Although the original plan to release it on Black Friday was scrapped, it appears the book will still be out in time for the Holidays; 14 days before Christmas to be exact. Jill will be available on both Paperback and Kindle editions. C. W. Schultz also wrote Yeval (2007) and The Pack (2010), both of which are available on Paperback and Kindle at, among other retailers.

“JILL” Official Plot Summary

Black Friday came and went, and in a perfect world C. W. Schultz’s third novel Jill would be out right now. But it’s not a perfect world; Jill is still not out; and there is no update on its release date.

However, since you all got nothing for Black Friday like originally promised, you will get a little something for Cyber Monday instead. An official outline of Jill‘s plot has been released. This should keep your beaks a little wet while Jill is being finished up. Enjoy!

At home, Rachel Rhodes is a mother and wife. At work, she is a manager. At night, she is the infamous serial killer known only as Jill. Her secret will eventually affect everyone in her life, from her family members to the detectives investigating the case.

Luck starts off on her side as she befriends heartbroken detective Cole Dale, who’s an important link to the investigation. However, that luck seems to fade when Rachel meets Cole’s partner, an unorthodox and mentally unstable detective, Perry Charleton, driven by personal reasons to stop Jill using any means necessary.

The novel is told in an omniscient narrative style, allowing the story to have a hauntingly neutral perspective which disguises everything as it progresses and leaves no room for predictability, entangling the reader in a web of evil. Layered with symbolism and motifs, leaving the story to come together like a puzzle through the characters’ actions and interactions; its themes deal with such issues as dysfunction, impressionability and influence, sexism, racism and even humiliation.

As with any C. W. Schultz novel, Jill is a study in candor. The author himself calls Jill “a serial killer soap opera” as Rachel seeks the romantic, fairy tale ending that only a deranged woman would believe possible after the things she has done.