Schultz’s 3 Books @ Goodkindles

Jill Banner 660x100C. W. Schultz’s three novels are now at There you will find new and unique descriptions of Schultz’s novels Yeval, The Pack and Jill not found anywhere else. Those who have read the novel(s) may still find something intriguing, funny and/or interesting that they did not know before, not to mention the site has many great Kindle books for all readers to discover!

“JILL” Official Release Date!

At long last, an official release of Schultz’s third book Jill, a novel about a female serial killer, is in sight… or perhaps right in front of us. Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 is the date. Although the original plan to release it on Black Friday was scrapped, it appears the book will still be out in time for the Holidays; 14 days before Christmas to be exact. Jill will be available on both Paperback and Kindle editions. C. W. Schultz also wrote Yeval (2007) and The Pack (2010), both of which are available on Paperback and Kindle at, among other retailers.