“JILL” Bookmarks Available

The Black Widow Calling Card is a green rectangular card with a black widow on the front and red lip prints on the back. It is Jill’s official calling card, which she leaves at each crime scene.

Replicas of the Black Widow Calling Card can be found for free around the Seattle area, in promotion for Jill‘s upcoming release and is intended to be used as a bookmark.

There is no text on the card. Schultz considered putting information such as the title, release date and website to help steer attention towards the book; however, he decided that any text will render the calling card inauthentic. The idea behind the calling cards is to have someone type its descriptions into a search engine and have the search results direct them to further information about the book. Schultz explains:

“My main agenda is to have a cool souvenir right out of the book. This is a first for one of my stories and I don’t want to contaminate this cool milestone by pushing the product. In the book, there is no text on the calling card, so why should these bookmarks have any text? The promotional value that these bookmarks/calling-cards have is secondary to me. It’s less fun to advertise it and more fun to steer people in the direction, allowing their interest to tell them about the book—their own curiosity luring them to my novel… my web.”

“JILL” Release Likely Postponed

Unfortunately, C. W. Schultz announced on his Facebook page yesterday that the release date of his third novel Jill will likely be postponed until sometime in December 2012, saying:

“Black Friday would have been an awesome day to release it, but it looks like that date might be cutting it a little too close. I am sure my readers will much rather wait so they can have a solid story, rather than reading something rushed so it could be released conveniently on Black Friday. The good news is: I decided to release a sample of the first chapter to keep your beaks wet.”

We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. It will be worth the wait! Stay tuned for an update on the new official release date.

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“JILL” to be Released in November!

Jill is set to be released on both Paperback and Kindle on November 23, 2012! Put Schultz’s third novel on your Wish List, because the 23rd is Black Friday and Jill might be the perfect gift to ask for or give during the Holiday Season!

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