The Fall of Peacetime

The Fall of Peacetime is the upcoming fifth novel by C. W. Schultz. It is a first-person narrative told from the perspectives of several different characters, who unwittingly cause or witness events that lead to an impending global war.

Schultz announced The Fall of Peacetime in a post on July 8th, 2017, describing it as a medieval fantasy that meshes with the sub-horror genres he has written about in his previous books, satisfying longtime readers while also expanding to a new audience. He originally approximated its length at 150,000 words (his longest work yet; with Jill in second, at 105,000 words) and a 2018 release, saying the title’s double entendre would make a perfect September or October premiere.  However, in a January 2018 post, he said that the word count has since expanded to 170,000 words, making the revision process longer than anticipated, and that a 2019 release is more likely.